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A company’s growth is fuelled by the conviction of its shareholders. At Fresh, we empower companies to directly engage with their shareholders in order to fuel growth.

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Capital on your terms

Fresh makes it easy for public companies to increase shareholder engagement, know how much capital they can raise, and decreases the cost of raising capital.

Know your investor

With Fresh, limited access to investor information is a thing of the past. Fresh enriches your investor data to bring unrivalled insight and accessibility.

Grow investor conviction

Mitigate investor churn and increase investor conviction. Our Investor Experience platform gives companies the ability to successfully onboard and engage investors at the click of a button.

Raise capital with ease

Armed with accurate data-driven predictions and more-engaged investors, you can enjoy unparalleled leverage over your funding options to self-raise capital using the Fresh platform, engage an external partner, or combine both to optimise your capital outcomes.

Better investor experiences

Fresh is reinventing the investor experience, making it simpler and easier to engage with your portfolio companies.

An investor community

Join a community of investors who share insights and engage with current and prospective investments. We’ll even host a few parties throughout the year to ensure our community remains connected.

Exclusive insights

Fresh community members gain access to exclusive content from ASX-listed companies, data-driven analysis powered by our algorithm, and insights from industry leaders.